What is Holler?

We’re a tech company, but we’re anything but typical. We’re real people who know that communicating between screens is convenient, yet complicated. Because let’s be honest -- sometimes words on a screen just don’t cut it.

We’re here to make your texts, posts, payments, and DMs more expressive. How? By suggesting the most relevant content (think animated Stickers and fun GIFs) right when you need it the most in chat. Not to mention, we’re doing all of this with your privacy top-of-mind (we’ll explain more about that below).

Holler is integrated into top messaging apps and keyboards, helping millions of people have more meaningful conversations every day, everywhere.

So, if you need a better way to express yourself, just Holler.

Meet the Leadership Team

We work hard and play hard, too. It’s practically a job requirement when you’re in the business of providing awesome content!

Travis Montaque

CEO and Founder

Sarah Aitken

Chief Brand Officer

Michael Matloub

Chief Strategy Officer

Bill Martens

Chief Growth Officer

Pat Giles

Head of Studio

David Brady

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Levine

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Perrin, PHD

Chief Scientist, AI & Research

Derek Piotter

Chief of Staff

Our Guiding Privacy Principle

Although we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do take user privacy seriously (super, super seriously!)

The conversation is yours, not ours. We are just here to make it better.

Relevant Suggestions, Served Safely

We make content suggestions based on what you need to make your chat better, only relying on the context of the conversation.

On-Device Suggestions

What you say on your device stays on your device. We don’t send any chat information to the cloud, servers, or any other secret hideaway.

No Surveillance

We don’t care to build up a personal picture of you to sell access to you to the highest bidder later. You’ll get what you want, when you choose, and it won’t be weird.

No Retargeting

Since we don’t capture personal information about you, we can’t give it away to third parties or advertisers. So, you’ll never say something in a private message and see an ad about it somewhere else. That’s just creepy.

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Travis Montaque

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur at his core, Travis was listed in Entrepreneur Magazine's 2018 Most Daring Entrepreneur's list for his work in branding consumer conversations. In 2016, at just 23 years old, he was included in Forbes 30 Under 30 for discovering a data-driven marketing method that provides greater emotional expression in today's digital conversations. A regular speaker at tech and marketing events, Travis has most recently taken to the stage at Cannes Lions, CES, Social Media Week, Advertising Week, SXSW and Harvard Business School. Both Travis and Holler have been featured in major publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechCrunch and The New Yorker. He is an inaugural member of the University of Miami Marketing Advisory Board. And has a pretty decent jump shot to boot.

Stephen Zangre


With 25 years of experience in hyper-growth environments, Stephen has a track record of leadership and high performance, most notably during tenures with Catalina Marketing, Facebook and Yext. As an Industry Lead at Facebook, Stephen oversaw a 5-year run-up to IPO, successfully building high performing sales teams responsible for US CPG revenue growth to $500m in sales. Following that, as an executive at Yext, Stephen provided sage leadership at a time of accelerated growth from 180 employees to north of 800; providing meaningful contribution and leadership to yet another successful IPO.

Patrick Perrin, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist, AI & Research

More than 20 years of experience and passion in AI Research & Development, successfully leading teams to solve complex problems and build robust production-grade software products utilizing and advancing various fields of AI. As part of Nuance Communications, Patrick worked with the Department of Defense for almost 7 years, successfully identifying and developing emergent technologies to lead the path for future programs in information technologies to align warfighter & battle command system capabilities. He has led research in various industries pushing forward innovative and applied research in natural language processing, complex data modeling, automated planning and reasoning, network science, social network analysis, concept formation, knowledge extraction, machine learning, language engineering and formal methods…just to name a few. No, he doesn’t sleep.

Sarah Aitken


Before joining Holler, Sarah spent over 14 years driving growth at global creative agency, Iris Worldwide, across Europe, Latin America and North America. While at Iris, Sarah led and delivered innovative marketing strategies for a wide range of global consumer brands including Sony, Samsung, Yahoo!, Jeep, Diageo and Reckitt Benckiser. Most recently, Sarah founded her own brand marketing consultancy, focusing on high-growth startups in the technology, consumer goods and brand services categories.

David Brady


A guru product developer, David’s diverse career has revolved around innovations that connect people with content and information. That work includes his role as co-designer of the first electro-optical head position tracking systems for the US Navy F/A-18 Tactical Fighter as well as the creation of an artificial intelligent food recommendation and inventory management system for the quick serve restaurant industry. Prior to that, he oversaw the radical transformation of a 240 person healthcare analytics engineering organization, resulting in improved business alignment and increased customer satisfaction, all while reducing operations costs.

Pat Giles

Head of Studio

A creative force in the industry for decades, leading the charge on some of the biggest brand characters on the planet, including Green Giant, Lucky Charms, Trix, My Little Pony, McGruff The Crime Dog and the Pillsbury Doughboy. He is also a veteran of seven animated series, including “Disney’s Doug” and MTV’s “Daria," the creator/producer of several hit web-series. Pat Giles has always been at the cutting edge of pop culture, creating award-winning global ad campaigns, digital experiences, gaming, entertainment, and now content for messaging. His work has over 40 million views on YouTube, has led over a billion dollars in sales revenue, and has inspired a generation to be “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.”

Damian De Rosaire

Head of Customer Success

With 20 years of operational and account management experience under his belt, Damian has worked in popular hyper-growth tech start-ups like Facebook and Yext as well as large, established media players like Yahoo. As an early addition to the Facebook team in 2007, he designed and built the business’ critical operational infrastructure in order to scale the account management team from just 4 people in 2 locations to 60 people in 6 locations. While at Facebook, he also managed revenue from $36 million to $1.4 billion. Following Facebook, as the VP of Client Services at Yext, Damian managed a team of 45 account managers, covering the US, Europe and Asia, building and implementing a scalable process to drive operational excellence, leading to a successful IPO.