Conversational Trends in the Wake of Covid-19 

The world is a very confusing place to be right now, and much of the future is still unknown. Social distancing has forced businesses to shutter, children to be homeschooled, and loved ones to pause meetings and celebrations. Because of our current situation, many people are leaning on digital communication now more than ever in order to stay in touch with family, friends, and even co-workers. Messaging, for one, gives us the incredible power to stay connected even when we’re far apart. 

It’s no surprise that there has been an undeniable shift in how we communicate over the past few weeks. Holler message volume is up a staggering 26% since March 6th alone. People are finding new and creative ways to interact - whether it be a group messaging chat or a virtual video happy hour. In these unprecedented times, here at Holler, we decided to dig deeper into how people are staying in touch within messaging in the wake of Covid-19. 

The Conversation Has Shifted 

As mentioned, overall message volume is on the rapid rise, and will most likely continue to do so in the coming weeks. But, what’s more interesting is how the conversation within those messages have changed. We dug into certain topics that are relevant in the current moment and some interesting trends were revealed. 
Chat around words like “healthy” “home” and “family” have spiked in recent days, as well as more empathetic topics like “thinking of you” and “safe.” Even the word “bored” has had a 127.6% spike in volume in just two weeks.
Clearly, the whole world is feeling the impact of Covid-19, and are reacting within messaging environments. You can find out more about trending topics in our infographic flipbook here.

Content Helps Express the Message 

When we’re not face-to-face, emotions and body language are virtually erased. And this often leads to misunderstandings within digital interactions. At Holler, we understand the importance of adding context to conversation, and know that visuals are worth a thousand words, especially in today’s current climate. 
Because of this, we’ve been busy creating new content for messaging to help people better express themselves and react within this moment. A new pack entitled “Be Well” features some of our most beloved characters sending well wishes, washing their hands, and sanitizing their homes.

We’ve also taken cues from CDC guidelines and created our own PSA-style pack, named “Stay Safe,” which reminds people to take precautions like keeping a safe distance and avoiding peak transit. These have been some of the most-shared pieces of content across our platform in the last few weeks.

Relevant content has proven to be really useful to our users; content share rates are extremely high and continue to grow each day. This rings true specially around empathetic sentiments. For example, our “Thinking of You” word art sticker has an amazing 35.52% share rate, further driving home the fact that people are turning to visuals to help express feelings from afar.

Looking Forward to the Future

Although the future is uncertain, we’re fortunate enough to have digital communication to lean on during this time. It’s clear that people across the globe are turning to messaging to stay connected, and that the nature of the conversation has shifted drastically.

Empathy is at the forefront of interactions, and at Holler, we’ve made it our mission to provide the visual content people need when digital contact is the only option. It will be interesting to see how conversational trends continue to evolve in the coming weeks. But for now, we hope you’re staying safe, staying well, and staying in touch. 
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