Holler Characters Strike a Pose for the #eachforequal Movement 

International Women’s Day, on March 8th, is dedicated to celebrating amazing women everywhere. But, this year it’s about much more than just celebration and praise. It’s about supporting gender equality in a world that just hasn’t gotten there yet.

It’s no secret that gender disparity is still a “work-in progress” in our society, even in the year 2020. Although it’s been an entire century since women first gained the right to vote, gender inequalities exist, both in social settings and in the workplace. That’s why this year’s International Women’s Day theme is #eachforequal, inspired by the concept of “collective individualism.” International Women’s Day has made it their mission to spread the word by creating the #eachforequal pose, a simple arm movement symbolizing the fight for equality for all.

At Holler, we know that women are awesome, and we have plenty of badass women on our team. But, we also recognize that work still needs to be done to make things equal everywhere, for everyone. So, in support of the cause, some of our beloved Holler characters are throwing their hands (and arms) up in the air to flash the #eachforequal pose. Our in-house studio quickly got to work to craft an International Women’s Day-specific pack and the results are amazing!

Female, male, and non-gendered characters are getting in on the action, because an equal world is a win for everyone. Catch sweetheart Daisy doing her thing while looking fabulous and brawny Boulder showing his support (flexed muscles and all). Simone and Jordan are in it together, striking the pose in perfect sync. Even Naughty Nana couldn’t resist getting on board.

You’ll be seeing these characters (and plenty more) in their own International Women’s Day pack on our platform for the entire month of March. And they’ll be highlighted on our Holler Instagram channel all week, so make sure to check them out in action!

Now, we ask you to join us in igniting the equality conversation by using the International Women’s Day pack in your messages. Download the free Holler app for iOS in the App Store to find all of our #eachforequal content and start spreading the love in iMessage and beyond! Together, we can make the world a more empathetic, enjoyable, and equal place. #IWD2020

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