Holler Named One of Fast Company’s 2020 World’s Most Innovative Companies

Today at Holler HQ, we’re bursting with excitement! That’s because we’ve been included as one of Fast Company’s 2020 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Social Media, and we couldn’t be more honored. Holler was recognized for powering 1 billion animated conversation stickers a day.

The Social Media category recognizes those with “daring strategies and new platforms for meeting people where they live” – and that’s exactly what Holler’s mission is all about.

Digital messaging has become one of our preferred methods of communication today. But with so much information condensed into emails, texts, and DMs, we’re losing the crucial pieces of context, empathy and personality we get from face-to-face conversations.

At Holler, we believe that, together, technology and art have the power to bring greater emotion and engagement to the billions of online conversations happening worldwide – whether on messaging, dating, gaming, social, or productivity apps. Ultimately, visual content helps create a more connected, empathetic, and happier digital world.

And since our launch in 2018, we’ve seen firsthand the impact sending the right piece of content at the right time can have in bringing greater understanding and ~ flair ~ to online conversations. In addition to building our in-house library of custom content, we’ve had the chance to partner with some amazing companies like Venmo, Chipotle, Kika, and Snickers to make it all happen.

After 2 years, 75 unique content series, and 800 million sticker recommendations delivered to users in over 180 countries, we’re just getting started.

Thank you, Fast Company, for the honor. We’re thrilled to be a part of the MIC community!

To learn more about Holler and the other amazing companies changing the world we live in, check out the full list of the 2020 World's Most Innovative Companies here.

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