Give your users a richer chat experience with the Holler Sapphire Kit:

With Holler, you can equip your users with the tools they need to enrich their online conversations. From intuitive smart suggestions to a robust search feature, users can find content that fits their specific needs, at the moment when they need it most. Holler lets users express themselves when words just aren’t enough.

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Content for everyone, everywhere

People all around the world use stickers to express themselves. That’s why our platform has the largest catalog of stickers built for global audiences. Give your users access — free of charge.

Exclusive Original Content

Get access to our catalog of thousands of stickers developed by our in-house studio.

Access 3rd Party Rights

Gain access to content from sports teams, influencers, and more.

Holler Premier Partner Program

Your content should be as unique as your audience. Talk to us about a bespoke sticker program for your app.


Our network of global localizers ensure accurate delivery of content to your users across languages and cultures.


Our in-house editorial team programs content to capture holidays, tentpoles, memes, and more.

On Demand and Easy. Our platform enables easy access to sticker content. We’re at your user’s fingertips when they need us.

Smart Suggestions

Real time content recommendations based on context of conversation.


Powerful text and emotion based search helps users find the perfect sticker.


Browse our library of thousands of stickers and curate your own sets.

Private by Design

We believe your users’ conversations are theirs not ours, we just want to make them better! The Holler Kit was designed to send as little data from your app as possible while allowing users to access all our great features.

Seamless Integration

Adding fun to conversation should be simple, so we made it that way. Add Holler to your app with a simple and fast integration. Alter colors, fonts, and a myriad of UI components so that your app feels like…your app.

Monetize Messaging

There’s nothing more frustrating than banner ads popping up in your conversations. That’s why we’ve developed a next generation marketing solution that’s fun, helpful, and built for conversations — advertisers included.

Partnerships Built on Trust

Great partnerships make for great user experiences. Because of this, we review every app before integrating it with the Holler Sapphire Kit so we can make sure it’s a good fit for our community and yours!

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