Conversational Media, a Touchdown During Football Season

July 20, 2021

How a Smart Campaign Can Connect Brands to Fans

Leveraging Conversational Media During Football Season

Conversational Media is the new frontier for advertising, allowing brands to truly connect with people in messaging and other chat platforms for the first time. By definition, Conversational Media is:

“The various types of media leveraged in peer-to-peer messages to enable richer communications between two or more individuals on conversational platforms.”

Brands are already thinking about how they can capitalize on tentpoles with Conversational Media campaigns in order to reach people in a fresh and exciting way. Football season happens to be a tentpole that is not only arguably the most popular time of year, but the perfect opportunity for brands to reach people in messaging. And the data tells us just that. 

Even before the official season starts, people are discussing football in messaging. Check out the football-related sticker share rates in chat and payments throughout August:

*Holler Platform data from August 6-Sept 6 2020 (pre-season began August 6) **Holler share rate benchmark is 0.80% across platform

On Venmo alone, football-related content spikes during the season. In fact, during the week leading up to NFL Kickoff, share rates were cheer-worthy. 

Football isn’t the only thing people are talking about throughout the season. Events and topics related to the sport are also being discussed in messaging and on payment platforms. People are paying each other back for watch parties, bar tabs, food, brackets, and more.

People are also discussing football in messaging. Whether they’re coordinating a hangout for the game, discussing the plan for tailgating, or chatting about their favorite teams, we can see that relevant topics spike across our platform.

*Comparison of Holler topic data, Jan 1-Aug 5 2020 compared to Aug 6-Dec 31 2020 (NFL pre-season began on August 6, 2020)

Brands have the opportunity to strategically become part of all that chatter with a Conversational Media campaign. 

As we all know, football season is already a crowded arena for advertisers - especially in traditional advertising routes like commercial spots and on-field advertising. Conversational Media gives brands a new way  in - allowing advertisers to reach people where they’re most active and engaged, in messaging. Being present in people’s conversations allows the brand to be top-of-mind in a creative and useful way. Why talk at fans on TV ads when you can be part of the chats they’re having with their nearest and dearest (or Fantasy Football League, for that matter)? 

A Successful Super Bowl Campaign

Michelob Ultra Seltzer got in on the game during last year’s Super Bowl. With a brand new seltzer product to promote and the realization that the seltzer category was already crowded, they broke through the noise by being the only seltzer brand to advertise in payments and chat during the Super Bowl; and they did so with a smart Holler campaign. With a solid contextual targeting strategy and out-of-the-box creative, the brand was present when people were paying each other back for seltzers, liquor store runs, Super Bowl parties, and food, as well as when people were discussing the big game in chat. And the results were worth celebrating; the campaign had a winning 1.19% overall share rate, proving that being part of Super Bowl chat in messaging was a touchdown for the brand. 

This is just one example of how a brand became part of relevant chat during a hyper-targeted moment in time. There are plenty of opportunities throughout football season to connect with consumers in chat and payments with a winning Conversational Media campaign.

We may be in the thick of summer, but kickoff will be here before we know it. Get in touch to learn more about a Holler Conversational Media campaign.

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