Conversational Media | How Brands are Reinventing Digital Advertising

April 22, 2021

Conversational Media is the next frontier for brands and many have already found success with this new advertising format. We gave you the entire scoop on Conversational Media for Brands in our Ultimate Guide (pssst check it out if you haven’t already). But, today we’re going to take it a step further by diving into some real-world examples of Conversational Media campaigns.

jelly fish sticker

For the first time ever, brands are entering the chat in a meaningful and seamless way, right when people need them the most. Previously an untapped arena for advertisers, messaging is now a place where brands are providing people with useful content for chat. 

Why Conversational Media and Why Now? 

Messaging is the most popular way to communicate digitally and has become even more crucial since the onset of the pandemic. People are choosing digital interactions to keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and even potential love matches. Although messaging has had such a high velocity of usage, historically, it hasn’t been a place where brands could easily fit in and join the conversation. Until now. 

In order for brands to be welcomed by consumers into their messaging environments, which are intrinsically private, brands need to be useful. People don’t want to be served banner ads in their DMs - that’s just obtrusive and downright annoying. Instead, they’re looking for content to help make the interaction better.

In fact, 50% of Millennials say they share content in messaging “all the time” and 81% of them would share branded content helpful to their conversation. You can find these stats and much more in our Media in our Messages Report

It’s clear that people are open to brands being part of the chat, as long as they’re helping and not hindering. That’s why Conversational Media is playing such a crucial role in messaging and payments today. Branded content that’s expressive, fun, and functional helps people express themselves better than just using plain text alone. 

Conversational Media serves as yet another touchpoint for brands to reach consumers - this time in a place where they’re spending a lot of their time - in messaging. It’s a natural and authentic way to be part of the conversation without feeling like a banner ad or TV commercial is intruding private chats.

Holler Suggestions - Be Part of the Chat in Real Time

Providing content for conversations gets a lot more meaningful when the content is served in real time. Holler’s Suggestions technology gets brands into the right chats at the right moments. Our tech understands the context of conversations and provides branded content suggestions based on that context. So, if someone is discussing drinks with friends, we’ll suggest branded stickers that are hyper-relevant to that topic.

blue moon sticker in venmo payment

Unlike other visual ad tools, with Holler, people don’t need to perform search queries to find the perfect content to send - it’s all right there at their fingertips. This ensures that users are getting a great experience and that brands can become part of relevant conversations in a way that feels natural. 

An Emotional and Intent-Based Approach to Advertising 

Because Conversational Media lets brands connect with people in private messaging in real time, the campaigns focus on intent, feelings, and topics.This is a new and unique way for brands to connect with people on a deeper level, by providing content for expression right in the moment it’s needed.

Take a look at these examples of how brands have tailored their Conversational Media campaigns to achieve their goals in different ways. 

conversational media brand examples

In these examples, Michelob focuses on the intent to purchase beer. Orbit focuses on flirtatious feelings. IKEA focuses on the topic of sleep.

Let’s dig into how some world-renowned brands have used Conversational Media to reach their target audiences in chat.

Conversational Media is Ideal for All Verticals

Advertising isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is Conversational Media. Brands across all verticals have worked with us to achieve successful campaigns that tie them to chat topics and payment categories that are relevant to their brand. 


With a Holler Conversational Media campaign, consumer packaged goods are brought to life. We’ve had a number of different CPG brands utilize our platform, and all in different ways! 

Stella Artois
stella artois holler stickers in venmo

Stella Artois wanted to reach people ahead of Thanksgiving Eve and Friendsgiving while giving back to the restaurant industry after a tough year. Their high-design sticker campaign allowed people to reimburse friends for bar tabs around the holidays and featured a first-of-its-kind donation component that triggered a donation to the James Beard Foundation. An out-of-the-box approach to Conversational Media allowed Stella to get in the right payments while paying-it-forward at the same time. 


Orbit cleaned up dirty dating DMs by providing people with content to express feelings, show generosity, and react in playful ways. 

Coors Light 
coors light march madness sticker

Coors Light reached people during March Madness with content tailored to basketball and winning, capitalizing on a key brand tentpole.

Miller Lite

Miller Lite owned the holiday season and NFL football season with stickers that paired the beer with classic holiday and sports moments, showing that Miller Time is a state of mind. 

Vita Coco
vita coco holler stickers for venmo

Vita Coco celebrated National Hangover Day in a one day takeover on Venmo, providing content to help people settle the bill for last night’s New Year’s Eve parties and pay for food delivery to cure their January 1st hangovers.



IKEA has utilized our platform multiple times in several unique ways. They first owned the topic of sleep while promoting their bedroom campaign, entering chat about feelings of tiredness and helping people say goodnight.

Their Back to College campaign was geared towards a younger demographic and helped students gear up for the new school year and express pride in their achievements.


The IKEA summer campaign leans into the concept of bringing the outside in and embracing the time you have at home. Inspiring people to create a home they love with IKEA, the campaign celebrates dining at home and enjoying the great outdoors. 


Quick service restaurants turn to Holler to enter chat about food, takeout, and delivery. 


McDonald’s slid into payments with their Crispy. Juicy. Tender. campaign, winning the #chickenwars by being top-of-mind when people were paying for meals, food delivery, and of course - chicken sandwiches. 


Chipotle leaned into food delivery and brought their recognizable meme humor into messaging. Food baby anyone? 

As you can see, brands across all verticals can use Conversational Media to reach people across messaging environments. A smart, creative, and strategic campaign will get your brand into peer-to-peer conversations in real time. 

The Next Frontier for Advertisers 

Conversational Media presents endless possibilities for brands to reach people in chat. People are craving content for messaging now more than ever and are welcoming brands into the conversation. With a smart strategy and creative content, you can not only reach people in messaging, but add something useful to the chat.

To learn more about Conversational Media campaigns, get in touch. 

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