Today at Holler we’re happy to announce our new website DIB Source. DIB Source (which stands for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Source) was created because we believe that DIB in the workplace shouldn’t be a trade secret; we knew there needed to be a central hub to discuss and learn about diversity practices as part of company culture. On a mission to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, we created DIB Source so people everywhere can share ideas and become more educated on the importance of DIB. 

Why Here & Why Now?

Over the past few months, we have shared our company stance on DIB transparently, both on and on social media. Our CEO Travis Montaque has also been vocal about his own personal experiences as a Black leader in tech, and his opinions on how we need to rethink how we approach diversity in the office and beyond. We’re passionate about fostering an environment built on inclusivity for everyone in our company, but we’re still learning along the way. And we know many other companies are too.

In order to create a community built on transparency, open-mindedness, and a new way of thinking, we wanted to build a site that not only exposes all the DIB initiatives (that worked and didn’t!) at Holler, but also welcomes everyone to share experiences, ideas, and best practices on the topic of DIB.

We invite you all to utilize the available resources, share insights into what their own organizations are doing in regards to DIB, and to encourage others who are doing the same. Because after all, we’re all in this thing together. 

Taking a Look at DIB Source

Our team put a lot of effort and love into this one! We thought about the right way to execute the site so that it’s easy to use, accessible, and most importantly - useful. Take a look.


DIB Source Homepage with Photos of Diverse Employees

The DIB Source journey starts here! In order to make DIB Source a useful and comprehensive space, we organized it in that manner. The homepage welcomes you with a bit of background on the initiative and our DIB Guiding Beliefs. There, you can also quickly access featured posts and resources. 


DIB Source Blog Page Image of Diverse Co-Workers Smiling at Eachother

Head to the Blog section to read all of the content that is written about what we’re doing internally at Holler. We talk about topics like our new diverse recruiting process, town hall events, parental leave policy, and more. It’s a great place to get new ideas about how to implement change within your own company. 


DIB Source Learn Page Image of Diverse Hands in the Air

The Learn section is dedicated to ongoing education on DIB. There, we offer links to training resources, educational videos, and industry insights to help you expand your knowledge. We included some free resources provided by leading HR companies we love, like LifeLabs and JustWorks. 

You will also enjoy video content featuring chats between our CEO Travis and leaders on the topic of diversity - like Opal Tometi, Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter and Rodney Bullard of Chick fil A. 

Share Ideas

DIB Source Share Ideas Page Image of Co-Workers Standing Together

This is the fun stuff. On this page, you can submit an idea or share a learning of your own to help expand the conversation about DIB.

Tell the world about what your company is doing to promote DIB internally. Share an insight you learned about inclusion in the workplace. Discuss a trending topic related to DIB.

To get involved, click the “Create a New Post” button. You’ll see a super easy to use form where you can fill out your information, idea, and any relevant supplementary links. Then, just click Submit!

We’ll review and post all appropriate submissions to help open up the conversation about diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Let’s Do This!

We hope you’ll join us in opening up the conversation about Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in the workplace. We welcome you to share your own thoughts and experiences on DIB Source.

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