Get In on Back to School Payments on Venmo

February 18, 2021

Heading back to school is a bittersweet time - it means that summer break is coming to a close, but there is a fresh start lying ahead. Back to school season has been drastically different than the norm in recent times, with students learning in an array of ways - from in the classroom to remote learning. 

Regardless of how the season will start, people will still be discussing back to school topics in messaging and making transactions related to the topic on payment platforms like Venmo. Read on to discover back to school messaging trends and to learn how brands can become part of the chat on Venmo this season. 

Holler Sticker Trends During Back to School Season on Venmo 

In 2020, back to school chat was still abundant, even though it was a year of uncertainty. On Venmo, people were paying for school supplies, new wardrobes, and snacks to fuel the year ahead:

| 3.44%

| 3.12%


Please note: this Holler data was pulled from July-September 2020, which was in the midst of the pandemic. 

General school-related transactions were happening at lightning speed too. Whether it was college kids paying for dorm decor or a school-at-home workplace, or parents reimbursing for books, there was a lot to talk about:




With people, especially parents, concerned about safety, PPE was a hot topic too. 



Clearly, people were active making back-to-school related payments leading up to and during the season. No matter what the social landscape at the time, back to school will still be a relevant topic across messaging and payments. 

Acing a Back to School Tentpole Campaign

Tentpole campaigns in messaging and on payment platforms like Venmo can help your brand create lots of buzz around a specific topic at a specific point in time. By strategically targeting a relevant topic, mood, or intent, brands can enter conversations and payments where they’re most useful to consumers. To take it a step further, a tentpole takeover means your brand can completely own the topic of back to school in Venmo. 

Brands, especially within the CPG and retail verticals, have the unique opportunity to reach parents and students alike in a targeted tentpole campaign with Holler. And the key to our success is not only creativity, but relevancy. We use a robust contextual targeting strategy, powered by our Suggestions tech, that gets your branded Stickers into the moments that matter most. Check it out: (SHOW THE UX WORKING WITH IKEA)

Pssst: Learn more about tentpole campaigns in our Tentpole Marketing Strategies for Messaging: The Complete Guide.

Brands Have Already Found Success with Holler Back to School Campaigns

Other smart brands have already seen success in utilizing a targeted tentpole approach.

In 2020, IKEA completely owned “Back to College” in messaging and on Venmo and saw amazing results. Their Stickers were linked to relevant conversations and payments about school prep, shopping, and feeling confidence ahead of the new year. 

This IKEA campaign sparked a 1.62% campaign share rate, which is far and beyond the Holler Platform benchmark of .80%! Not to mention, the “What’s Cooking” Sticker was among the top 30 on Venmo and had a 7.40% share rate, connecting IKEA to food moments on the payment platform.


This data proves that being a part of hyper-targeted conversations during a specific and highly relevant time period really pays off. In this case, IKEA connected with college students getting ready for school by being present in chat and on Venmo throughout the month of July. And with this contextually targeted tentpole approach, IKEA wasn’t just present in school-related payments, they were relevantly associated with other key topics popular to the audience, like shopping, food, and studying. 

The Only Way to Advertise on Venmo

If you’re looking for a unique approach to reaching consumers ahead of back to school season, leveraging a Holler campaign to connect with people on Venmo is a smart solution. With over 70M active users, Venmo is the leading peer-to-peer payment platform. And a Holler campaign is the only way your brand can be present there! We take a creative approach to advertising there - getting your brand into payment conversations that make sense with high-design, branded Stickers that will be used by the masses.

To learn more about advertising with Holler Stickers in Venmo, check out our Venmo Top Stickers 2020 Report. We discuss top Sticker categories, popular topics, and successful brand campaigns. 

To find out more about working with us on a back to school campaign on Venmo, get in touch! 

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