Here Come the Holidays: How Brands Can Spread Cheer with Thoughtful Advertising

It’s an unusual year for several reasons, but the holiday season will hopefully bring a sense of renewal and reprieve after a tough start to the new decade. And with summer now winding down, the holidays will be here before we know it. Soon, surfboards will be replaced with sleigh bells, and your brand should already be thinking about how you’ll reach consumers in a meaningful way leading up to the holiday season.

With social distancing and other extra precautions still in place as we enter into Autumn, people will be discussing the holidays digitally more than ever before. And some will also celebrate differently than they typically would.

So, how can your brand be thoughtful about uplifting consumers, brightening their holidays in a time of uncertainty? One way is by reaching consumers where they’re most active, especially during these times -- in messaging environments.

Why Messaging Environments?

Did You Know: 72% of people message more than they email, comment on social media, or make phone calls on a regular basis.

It’s true -- and as people prepare for the holidays this year, they’ll be even more active in their texts and DMs, discussing must-have gifts and dinner plans. In fact, 67% of respondents 18-44 say they ask people about their holiday wish lists via messaging.

They’ll also be utilizing payment platforms to split holiday shopping bills and send virtual gifts.

Being present in messaging is a prime opportunity for your brand to join those important conversations in a meaningful and non-intrusive way. Spreading holiday cheer (and reaching your target audience thoughtfully) is a goal easily achieved in messaging environments if done smartly. And at Holler, we’re happy to help with that.

The Holler 2020 Holiday Report

To inspire brands to think further outside the gift box when it comes to holiday advertising, we created the Holler 2020 Holiday Report, filled with brand new insights and trends about navigating the holidays in an unpredictable societal climate. We surveyed consumers and pulled data from our own platform to help you make informed decisions about your holiday advertising plan.

The report is chock full of new data, including top emotions about the 2020 holiday season, insights into shopping and gifting trends, and much more. You won’t want to miss this!

Download your free report here.

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