Holler's Top 5 Branded Campaigns in 2020

December 16, 2020

As we wrap up 2020, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the best brand campaigns that ran on the Holler platform this year. Our Creative Director Phil Neves and Head of Studio Pat Giles chose the Top 5 Holler Brand Campaigns of 2020, based on creativity, innovation, and best use of the messaging space. It was a fierce competition, but we’re excited to announce the final winners!

Chipotle - Bringing Social Media Meme Culture into Messaging

Chipotle signed on with Holler to create an irreverent and entertaining campaign that highlighted their delivery offering. The campaign utilized the brand’s social media presence and tone of voice to bring the funny meme-like presence of Chipotle into messaging. This humorous approach and use of witty “memeable” moments resonated with Chipotle’s target audience and made for a successful brand campaign.

HBOMax - Making Ownable IP Relevant to Venmo Transactions

HBOMax turned to Holler to create a Sticker campaign for Venmo, utilizing the IP of recognizable shows and movies available on the platform in a first-of-its-kind Branded Pack on Venmo. The campaign did a brilliant job of tying these well-known shows and movies to general Venmo payment topics like rent, food delivery, and drinks. HBOMax was able to utilize recognizable IP in a strategic and creative way to make entertainment classics useful on a payment platform, which is why they made this list!

Stella Artois - Giving Back During the Holiday Season

Stella Artois wanted to reach people during the Thanksgiving season during small gatherings and in-restaurant celebrations with a Venmo-exclusive campaign. Seven Stickers brought Stella’s vintage and colorful illustrative style to life through animation. To take the campaign to the next level, Stella Artois incorporated a first-of-its-kind charitable component; every Stella Sticker shared on Venmo prompted a donation to the James Beard Foundation to support the restaurant business. This two-fold campaign allowed people to pay-it-forward while paying friends and family back for dinner, drinks, and split bar tabs during a hyper-targeted two week period surrounding Thanksgiving.

Coors Light - Encouraging an Active Chill Among Friends

The Coors Light brand is all about finding time to enjoy an active chill. They brought that concept into messaging with Stickers that helped friends to encourage each other to take moments of deserved reprieve. Utilizing Coors Light product photography and juxtaposing it against hand drawn elements, a tone of active chill was stylistically achieved by the brand. 

Coors Light is also focused on college football season, so they created Stickers to tie the brand to the topic of football in messaging. Choosing to incorporate a tentpole event as part of the overarching Sticker campaign was a smart way for Coors to enter even more hyper-relevant messaging conversations.

Orbit - Cleaning Up Dirty Dating DMs

Orbit’s brand mission is to clean up the dirty world of dating. So, they translated that into messaging by creating Stickers that help clean up dirty dating DMs. Utilizing dating humor, double entendres, and shareable phrases, the Orbit campaign allowed the gum brand to completely own cheeky dating chat across multiple messaging platforms.

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Top Holler Brand Campaigns of 2020. Your innovative campaigns pushed the boundaries and proved how brands can strategically reach people in messaging platforms in fun, meaningful, and creative ways. You all deserve a round of applause!

We look forward to helping even more brands reach their messaging goals in the new year. In the meantime if you need us, just Holler!   

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