How Tentpole-Focused Conversational Media Resonates in Payment Platforms

August 31, 2021

Tentpole strategies are smart ways to reach people during specific times of year with hyper-relevant content and marketing messaging. And this rings true on payment platforms as well. Recent Holler data shows that content associated with holidays and other tentpole events performs extremely well during certain times of year. In this blog, we’ll uncover the data and discuss how brands are taking advantage of tentpoles with Conversational Media campaigns. 

Conversational Media | The Right Content at the Right Time

We discuss the ins and outs of Conversational Media in this blog and what it means for brands in this one. Conversational Media is any media that makes digital communication better - more expressive, more useful, more fun. At Holler, we create Stickers and GIFs made for chat platforms to help people express themselves better in messaging. And we know that when it comes to conversations, relevancy is key. People discuss certain topics at certain times and we see spikes in key topics at points throughout the year. Understanding what people are talking about and when allows us to create content that people want to share. 

Today, we’ll focus on the data behind tentpole-focused Conversational Media -- animated Stickers in particular.

Thanksgiving Content Gets Gobbled Up in November

In looking at timeframe-specific data, we can see that hyper-relevant Sticker share rates soar, especially in payment platforms. We took a look at share rates during the month of November 2020, from the 1st of the month until the day after Thanksgiving. Our overall payment-specific share rate across the board was 1.75%. But, take a look at how Thanksgiving-specific content performed:

conversational media stickers for thanksgiving

What’s more - you can see that the most popular Sticker represents a clear sign of the times -- a turkey wearing a mask. This goes to show that highly relevant and useful content performs way above the benchmark. 

A Brand’s Thanksgiving Campaign Success

stella artois conversational media sticker

Stella Artois partnered with Holler on a Friendsgiving-focused campaign for chat and payments. They even incorporated a unique pay-it-forward initiative, with Stella making a charitable donation to The James Beard Foundation with every Sticker share. 

The campaign performed extremely well and allowed the brand to not only stay top-of-mind to consumers, but give back to the hospitality community around Thanksgiving 2020. 

People Spread Holiday Cheer in Messaging With the Help of Stickers and GIFs

We noticed the same trend during the holiday season. In knowing that people discuss the holidays ahead of time, we took a look at payment platform data from October 1st through January 1st. We noticed an overall share rate of 1.76% and much higher share rates of holiday-focused content.

conversational media stickers for holiday

From this analysis, we can tell that people are discussing shopping and gifting, ugly sweater parties, decorating, and other topics associated with gearing up for the holidays. This data presents a significant opportunity for relevant brands to become part of the conversation.

Starbucks Spreads Holiday Cheer in Messaging

starbucks gingerbread sticker

To reach people in messaging and payments throughout the holiday season, Starbucks partnered with Holler on a Conversational Media campaign. Their Sticker suite highlighted items from their sought-after holiday menu and were tied to payments for coffee, gifts, and general holiday transactions. 

The results were amazing, allowing Starbucks to be associated with the holidays across chat and payments during a key season for the brand. 

A Fun Way to Ring in the New Year - With Content!

Our data findings were similar for the week surrounding New Year’s Day. In taking a look at data from December 26th through January 2nd, we found that the overall share rate of Holler content was 1.74%. And celebratory NYE-focused Stickers performed well over that benchmark during the same time period.

conversational media stickers for new years

It’s clear people were discussing New Year’s Eve plans, drinking moments, and saying a final and welcomed goodbye to 2020. 

VitaCoco Cures Hangovers in Chat

vitacoco stickers conversational media

Did you know that January 1st isn’t only New Year’s Day? It’s also been declared as National Hangover Day because well, I’m sure you can guess. With the objective of reaching people in chat and payments during their NYE recovery, VitaCoco partnered with Holler on a Conversational Media campaign. In a first-of-its-kind one-day stint, they reached people with branded content as they discussed their hangovers and paid each other back for food delivery and last night’s tab. 

The coconut water brand entered key New Year’s Day conversations on a day of the year that is at the top of their priority list. 

Considering a Tentpole Conversational Media Campaign?

Brands have a long history of leveraging tentpoles in marketing strategies, but Conversational Media is a new medium to explore when thinking about future opportunities. At Holler, we know people are discussing relevant events and holidays at key times throughout the year, which is why we experience such high share rates of our tentpole-focused content. The data shows that becoming part of these relevant conversations can increase impact for branded campaigns as well. 

It’s important to identify which tentpoles, events, and holidays are most important to a specific brand and consider how that brand can fit into conversations related to those identified tentpoles. We always recommend that content is both meaningful and useful to the consumer. 

Conversational Media is a perfect way to diversify the media mix and is a proven way to reach consumers where they’re most active - on messaging platforms. A Conversational Media campaign allows a brand to not only gain reach, but increase consumer awareness in chat and payments. 

To learn more about Conversational Media campaigns for brands, get in touch. 

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