It’s Up to You | Providing Dating Conversations with AdCouncil Vaccine Content

August 4, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine has been a topic of discussion throughout the country as the fight against the pandemic continues. And even the dating world is no stranger to these conversations; in fact, as new positive advancements are made in getting “back to life,” more people will be planning in-person meet ups and gathering together once again. Vaccination status and safety protocols are poised to be hot topics in dating DMs for many months to come.

The AdCouncil: Inspiring Education Around COVID-19 Vaccines

In an effort to educate the public about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination, the Ad Council launched their “It’s Up to You” campaign, which aims to inspire people across the country to stay updated, educated, and informed about COVID-19 safety measures and the vaccines. As part of this overarching “It’s Up to You” campaign, and with the goal of sparking more digital conversations about the COVID-19 vaccines, the Ad Council once again partnered with Holler to create sticker and GIF content for messaging. This time, we’re bringing branded Ad Council content into a dating environment with a campaign running exclusively in MeetMe. MeetMe is a leading app for meeting new people --  a dating, socializing, and live streaming app all in one. MeetMe is a natural place for Ad Council to join conversations, as people discuss safe meetups, vaccination status, and safely getting back to life this summer.

Opening Up “Vaxxed” Conversations in Dating

This campaign will be live exclusively in MeetMe, a dating platform and new partner to Holler. Ad Council branded stickers and GIFs make up a cohesive Conversational Media campaign. The branded content conveys Ad Council’s “It’s Up to You” messaging and is strategically connected to conversations not only specific to vaccine education, but to chat about meeting up, hanging out, and positive emotions and sentiments related to those topics. The content is available in both English and Spanish, making it more useful to more people on the MeetMe platform. 

meetme chat with holler x adcouncil stickers

The goal of the campaign is to provide users with more creative and expressive tools to have meaningful conversations about dating safety and vaccination, as well as inspire them to get useful information about the COVID-19 vaccines. The expressive stickers and GIFs are playful, colorful, and fun - perfect for chat, and the anchoring logo piece’s call to action directs people to find out more information via their website,

We’ve already seen very high shares rates of original vaccine-related Holler Stickers on the MeetMe platform; we are confident this campaign will allow The AdCouncil to become part of many relevant conversations happening at high velocity in MeetMe this summer. 

About the Holler and MeetMe Partnership 

With the goal of enriching conversations everywhere, Holler partnered with MeetMe earlier this year to provide Conversational Media in a dating environment. We know how difficult it can be to break the ice with someone new, especially online, and content and media can help make these conversations easier and more fun. 

With this new partnership, we’re now providing MeetMe users with Holler Stickers and GIFs to enhance their chat experience.

Read more about our partnership here

To download MeetMe, visit their website.

To get the Holler extension for iMessage, head to the App Store.

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