Super Bowl LV: Join Relevant Messaging Conversations this Super Bowl Sunday

America’s Favorite Unofficial Holiday, Super Bowl LV, will be here before we know it. The Big Game isn’t just for football fanatics - people also tune in for the highly anticipated commercials and halftime show. And some are drawn in simply for the food and drinks (bottomless wings and beer, anyone?)

People are discussing Super Bowl plans, scores, and highlights in messaging at a high velocity on game day. And they also reimburse each other for food and party supplies on payment platforms, both during the Super Bowl and afterwards.

Our Holler Platform Data reveals that hyper-relevant topics, including things like “football” “winning” and “delivery” spike on Super Bowl Sunday. And visuals make the message. In a recent survey we conducted, we found that 58% of people use both words and visuals when sending texts.

Relevant Holler Stickers have amazingly high share rates on that special Super Bowl Sunday, as people look to add interest to the conversations.

What Does This Mean for Your Brand?

The great news is, your brand can become part of relevant chat happening in messaging environments. With Holler, you become part of the Super Bowl-related conversations when you’re most relevant and useful.

Not to mention, you have an opportunity to own the keyword “Super Bowl” in messaging environments - something you won’t enjoy with any other advertising medium. By owning this keyword, your brand will appear in messaging environments whenever the phrase Super Bowl is mentioned. (which is a lot!)

If you’re looking to establish your brand strategy for Super Bowl LV, get in touch with us! We’d love to discuss how to include your brand in relevant chat happening during game day.

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