Find Luck This St. Patrick’s Day in Messaging with Conversational Media

December 4, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural celebration of revelry, marked by traditional parades and lots and lots of beer. And although St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday all about the luck of the Irish, reaching people in messaging doesn’t just happen by chance. It happens with a strong brand messaging strategy. 

Did You Know?

In the Holler Platform, conversations about super relevant topics are happening on St. Patrick’s Day, including things like “luck” “St. Patrick” and “beer.” It’s clear that people are discussing celebrations and sending good wishes in messaging surrounding March 17th. 

They’re also sharing content that’s super relevant and focused on the holiday. Just check out the share rates on these Stickers on St. Patrick’s Day!

And when it comes to payment platforms, people are making relevant payments tied directly to alcohol reimbursements, split bills, and ride sharing.

Quick Tip: Think about how your brand can provide useful St. Patrick’s Day-related content to consumers around the holiday. 

What it Means for Your Brand

If St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is meaningful to your brand, you have the opportunity to make an impact in messaging. Utilizing a tentpole marketing strategy to reach people at key moments surrounding March 17th will give you the ultimate brand exposure where people are most active.

Be present when people are discussing St. Patrick’s Day topics that are relevant to your brand, whether that be discussing beer purchases for the big day or chatting about parade plans. People are looking for ways to express themselves better in messaging environments, and you can help them achieve that by providing the visual content they need. 

Reach People This St. Patrick’s Day

The topic of St. Patrick’s Day is one that is discussed at high velocity in messaging around the holiday. And luckily, your brand can reach people in these environments around March 17th. By providing people with hyper-relevant content for conversation, you’ll reach them where they’re most active, ensuring your brand stays top of mind. 

Want to reach people this St. Patrick’s Day? Get in touch to learn more! 

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