Reach People this Summer with a Holiday Tentpole Campaign on Venmo

January 28, 2021

Summer is a much-anticipated time of year when people are celebrating, enjoying the outdoors, and kicking back much more often. It’s also a time filled with celebrations, vacations, and fun in the sun. With Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer and Labor Day Weekend as the season’s last hoorah, there are several tentpole moments throughout summertime for brands to capitalize on - especially on payment platforms. Throughout the season, people are completing transactions for celebrations, food and drink, activities, vacations, and much more on platforms like Venmo. 

In this blog, learn how your brand can reach people in a creative and relevant way with a Holler branded Sticker campaign on Venmo this summer. 

What Holler Data Says About Tentpole Marketing 

Our Holler data shows huge share rate spikes of Sticker content closely tied to specific holidays throughout the season. Content that is timely and relevant resonates extremely well on platforms like Venmo.

Just take a look at the share rates of Memorial Day-specific content throughout the holiday weekend. Memorial Day Weekend is a key tentpole event for brands to reach consumers as they celebrate the kickoff of summer. 

*Venmo-only Holler Data from 5/22-5/25 2020 | Compared to the Holler Platform 0.80% share rate benchmark

People are showing their patriotic pride, sending payments for BBQ and party supplies, and taking part in celebratory moments. And they’re attaching Stickers to their transactions at high velocity all weekend long. 

The same rings true for Independence Day! These Venmo-exclusive Stickers performed extremely well throughout July 4th weekend:

*Venmo-only Holler Data from 7/2-7/5 2020 | Compared to the Holler Platform 0.80% share rate benchmark

These holiday-specific Stickers always perform well. But, even more broad topics, like food & drink, wine & spirits, and grilling & chilling also do amazingly well on holiday weekends. Here are a few share rates from July 4th weekend in 2020:

It’s clear from our data that tentpole campaigns are a smart way for brands to reach people during a specific timeframe with highly relevant content in Venmo. There are plenty of unique and creative on-brand ways to become part of transactions happening at high velocity! 

The Benefit of a Tentpole Campaign

Tentpole campaigns on payment platforms like Venmo can help your brand create lots of buzz around a specific holiday. The Sticker content can be super specific and relevant to payments being made during a certain period of time. Plus, a tentpole takeover means your brand can completely own the category for the specific holiday, whether it be Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day Weekend. 

Brands, especially within CPG, beer, and wine & spirits verticals, have the unique opportunity to reach people in summertime holiday chat with targeted tentpole campaigns with Holler. And the key to our success is not only creativity, but relevancy. We use a robust contextual targeting strategy, powered by our Suggestions tech, that gets your branded Stickers into the moments that matter most. Check it out:

Picture your brand becoming part of the conversation where it makes the most sense - whether that be within chat about purchasing party supplies, going on liquor store runs, or grillin’ and chillin’ (just to name a few). Your brand will be top-of-mind throughout the entire holiday weekend with the ultimate exposure!

Pssst: Learn more about tentpole campaigns in our Tentpole Marketing Strategies for Messaging: The Complete Guide.

Brands Have Already Found Success with Holler Tentpole Campaigns

Other smart brands have already seen success in utilizing a targeted tentpole approach.

In 2020, Smirnoff completely owned July 4th weekend on Venmo and saw amazing results. Their Red, White, and Berry Seltzer Stickers were linked to relevant payments for alcohol runs, barbecues, and fireworks. And the results were amazing! 

The Smirnoff campaign sparked a 6.17% campaign share rate, which is far and beyond the Holler Platform benchmark of .80%! This data proves that being a part of hyper-targeted conversations during a specific and highly relevant time period really pays off.

 In this case, Smirnoff capitalized on one short holiday weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of July 4th weekend) with super shareable, holiday-specific, and relevant branded Stickers. And with this contextually targeted tentpole approach, Smirnoff wasn’t just present in alcohol-related payments. They were relevantly associated with other key moments during Independence Day Weekend, from barbecuing to fireworks shows, aligning the brand perfectly to what was happening during that short and specific timeframe.

The Only Way to Advertise on Venmo

If you’re looking for a unique approach to reaching consumers during summertime holidays, leveraging a Holler campaign to connect with people on Venmo is a smart solution. With over 70M active users, Venmo is the leading peer-to-peer payment platform. And a Holler campaign is the only way your brand can be present there! We take a creative approach to advertising there - getting your brand into payment conversations that make sense with high-design, branded Stickers that will be used by the masses.

To learn more about advertising with Holler Stickers in Venmo, check out our Venmo Top Stickers 2020 Report. We discuss top Sticker categories, popular topics, and successful brand campaigns. 

To find out more about working with us on a summertime tentpole campaign on Venmo, get in touch! 

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