The Ultimate Content Engine for Conversations: Introducing Holler Kit 5

December 10, 2020

Holler Kit 5 was built as the content engine for conversations, providing people with the content they need to better express themselves in messaging. Our AI technology has the power to understand the context of conversations so we can provide people with relevant content at just the right moment in time. And with Kit 5, we’re now able to suggest even more content for even better conversations.

The Content Engine

Think of Holler as the engine that fuels your chat with awesome content. Our AI technology, as mentioned, is super smart and understands the context of the conversation, so that we can suggest content to help make that conversation more expressive, meaningful, and fun. 

We sit in the intersection of tech and creativity, and we like to think we have the best of both worlds. Our Holler Studios and external partners feed our platform with the best-in-class content for messaging. Then, our Suggestions tool provides that content to the end user in real time, based on the context of the message. 

Aside from Suggestions, users can also use our Search and Home functionalities in order to better facilitate user discovery. This just gives you several ways to find the content you want to share. What content, exactly? Glad you asked. 

The Content We Offer 


We’ve already been providing animated Stickers to our users, all created in-house by Holler Studios. We create characters, like Simone and Daisy, as well as more mood and action-based Stickers like cute burritos and word art. Stickers are served up in chat, but are also organized in packs within our native app, so people can scroll through and find something specific (if they wish). We also create regional-specific content based on cultural trends and offer some Stickers in multiple languages. With Kit 5, Stickers are also available for Camera! Use our animated Stickers in camera by placing them on top of your photos or videos to take those selfies to the next level. With Holler Stickers, there’s something for everyone. 


Now with the release of Kit 5, we’ve added (drumroll please) GIFs to the mix. GIFs are super popular pieces of content, especially in chat where people are trying to express an emotion, elicit a reaction, and punctuate a point. We knew we needed to expand our offering to include GIFs in order to satiate the need for useful and relevant content. 

We also realized that different audiences have different GIF preferences. In order to provide your users with all the GIFs they want all in one place, we’ve partnered with the leading GIF providers to give you all the GIFs you want through one simple SDK integration with Holler.

We’re also busy working on Holler Original GIFs, created by our superstar Holler Studio. Stay tuned!

Holler Kit 5 is Built For Everyone

Why Kit 5 is Great for Users

Content for messaging, right when you need it. This has been our mission, which has been enhanced even further with Kit 5. We give users the opportunity to access the expressive content they need to make their conversations better. And, they don’t even need to rely on search functionality to find and share it. In fact, we see 40x more content shares from Suggestions than we do from search. 

According to a recent Holler survey, 81% of people agree that visuals make conversation more fun and 79% believe visuals allow them to be creative in messaging. People crave visual content like Stickers and GIFs, and we deliver them at just the right time.

Why Kit 5 is Great for Brands 

Messaging has been a previously untapped arena for brands to be able to connect with consumers in contextually relevant moments. With Holler, brands are able to provide people with content for messaging in a non-obtrusive and useful way. And with Kit 5, brands will collaborate with our team to create Stickers and (very soon) GIFs relevant to campaign goals and brand identity. It’s a completely new and innovative way to increase brand awareness and affinity where people are most active - in messaging.

Why Kit 5 is Great for Developers

As an app or developer, what is your goal? You’re probably always looking for ways to innovate in order to improve user engagement and delight on your platform. Holler Kit 5 is the answer.

Not only do we provide you with the Sticker and GIF content your users want, we do it with one simple and easy integration. Forget having to integrate with multiple content partners and maintain those relationships overtime, Holler gives you access to all of our Sticker content, as well as all the GIFs from the leading content providers, all powered by our Suggestions tech, all in one solution. It’s never been easier to provide users with expressive content that will increase satisfaction with your platform. 

Holler Kit 5: The Ultimate Content Engine for Conversations

Now that you know a bit more about Kit 5, we hope you’ll check it out for yourself. We’re excited to be releasing this new Kit to provide even more content and powerful technology than ever before. Messaging conversations everywhere are about to get even more expressive and fun. 

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