The Venmo Top Stickers 2020 Report: Roundup Blog

December 18, 2020

It’s been about a year since Holler has been integrated into Venmo, providing original, animated Stickers for use in transactions on the peer-to-peer payment platform. This means we have 12 months worth of data on the types of Stickers being shared most often in payments there. 

Gaining insights into the types of content people like to share can help brands determine how they can reach people in a meaningful way on Venmo in key transactional moments.

In the spirit of sharing the wealth of data and insights, we recently published our Venmo Top Stickers 2020 Report. The report takes a deep dive into the hottest Holler Stickers of the year, the top content topics, and much more. You can get a copy of the free report here

We also wanted to share some key takeaways from the report here, to help you think about how you can create your own brand strategy for Venmo in 2021. Read on!

The Types of Content Being Shared Make Sense

Venmo is a payment platform and by nature, is different from social media platforms and messaging apps. So, we developed Venmo-specific Holler Stickers that we believed would be highly useful in the payment space. And we were right.

The most popular Stickers lie within categories like food, groceries, and bills (to name just a few). This goes to show that Stickers that are super relevant to the specific platform and the types of conversations happening there are highly useful to people.

Holler Sticker of a Grocery Bag

Relevant Content is Key 

When it comes to advertising in Venmo, being associated with relevant content topics is a must in order to be useful to people making transactions there. You should think of this not only from a product perspective, but a brand perspective as well.

It makes sense for Miller Lite to be included in drink and beer conversations on Venmo, but it also makes sense for their brand (one that is heavily linked with the NFL football season) to be associated with topics like football, Sunday Funday, and sports. However, it would be quite odd to see a Miller Lite Sticker appear when you’re paying your electric bill. 

Think about the topics of conversations that would make sense for your brand to be part of, and go from there. (Don’t worry - our creative team can help you determine the best approach for a brand campaign in Venmo, but it doesn’t hurt to get a head start!)

Tentpole Campaigns Work Here Too

Although there are certain Stickers and topics that will always be relevant in Venmo, tentpole marketing is a strategy that can be quite effective. Rallying around a certain holiday, time of year, or moment in time can help brands reach people in a big way in a short time frame.

Brands That Rocked Tentpole Campaigns in 2020

Many brands had success with this tentpole approach this year; in fact, Smirnoff ran a July 4th campaign that heeded amazing results. Smirnoff's Red, White, and Berry Seltzer Stickers were associated with topics like drinks, firework, and July 4th activities. The first-of-its-kind weekend-long campaign had extremely high share rates. 

During the holiday season, Starbucks’ holiday-specific Sticker campaign in Venmo also had off-the-charts performance. Along with more generic drink and coffee run-related Stickers, Starbucks was associated with topics like gifting, holiday adventures, and related activities. It was a well-rounded strategy that included special holiday surprises to delight Venmo users throughout the season. 

Quick Tip: Think about tentpole moments throughout the year that are important to your brand and how they can be brought to life in Venmo.

In 2020, Empathy Took Center Stage

There’s no denying that 2020 was a rough year for many reasons, but it was also a year that inspired people to show empathy and generosity more than ever before. At the height of the pandemic in the Northeast (around early March), we noticed that people were joining together, even when they were apart, to lift each other up and offer support during a very difficult time. 

People were also reaching for more ways to show that they cared in places like Venmo; we noticed many people were paying-it-forward to local businesses, frontline workers, and loved ones in creative and heartwarming ways. In order to help foster these types of initiatives, we created empathetic, generosity-focused Holler Stickers to be used on the Venmo platform. 

For the Crew Empathy Holler Sticker Showing a Waiter

These Stickers had record-breaking share rates in just a short period of time, proving that relevant content goes a long way.  

The Only Way to Advertise in Venmo  

Being integrated into Venmo for a year has provided us with interesting insights and data points that give us a clearer understanding of the Sticker topics that are most popular on the platform. Not only is this information insightful for us as we continue to develop new Stickers, it’s useful for brands who are thinking about advertising on Venmo.

As the world’s largest peer-to-peer payment platform, Venmo provides brands with the opportunity to reach people at a large scale in a super relevant way. And the only way to advertise on Venmo is with Holler Stickers. A Holler Sticker branded campaign can help your brand become part of popular conversation topics on the platform in a highly creative and useful way.

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