A New Month, A New Teammate, and A New Milestone

As Holler welcomes a new quarter – and questions how it got here so soon – we’re excited to share some great team news. Today, we are ecstatic to welcome Laura Summers, who joins us as Holler’s Chief Sales Officer. This follows the appointment of former 360i co-founder and CFO, Scott Levine as Holler’s first CFO.

Formerly the Vice President of Global Advertising Sales at CBS Interactive, Laura brings over two decades of leadership experience. Her work has run the gamut, from retail to gaming, and she has deep insight into the industries where Holler is looking to emerge next. Working with companies such as Hearst, Condé Nast, Ziff-Davis, TechTV, and CNET, Laura is an expert on branded content and advertising and plays a crucial role in showing the value Holler provides as an advertising medium and continuing our growth in the market.

“Brands are looking for untapped ways of connecting with their audiences, and Holler is offering a unique, out-of-the-box advertising solution that I have yet to see applied in our industry. Having a share component is critical for brands. It’s not enough to have banners and buttons. The value that Holler drives for brands by tapping into messaging is what, ultimately, drove me to the company. I feel lucky to be joining a team where everyone is clearly empowered in their work, supported by each other, and passionate about their product.” – Laura Summers, Holler’s Chief Sales Officer

Hiring our first-ever Chief Sales Officer is a pivotal milestone for Holler and a gateway to understanding where we’re headed as a company.

“Laura is joining Holler at an incredible time of growth within our company. In the past few months – though unpredictable and full of lessons for our company and nation – Holler has been fortunate to see steady progress, including recent and upcoming expansions of our product, team, and partners. While this year has proved to be challenging, making it difficult for companies to test new advertising mediums, like Laura, an increasing number of major brands are recognizing that messaging is where the future of advertising is headed - and fast.” – Travis Montaque, CEO

Our monthly active users have grown over 350% already this year. We’ve also more than tripled our portfolio of advertising partners in 2020 vs. 2019 – shout out to our amazing and innovative brand partners – as the advantage of being present in contextually relevant conversations becomes more apparent.

Partners in the entertainment, CPG, and QSR industries, in particular, have shown special interest in Holler’s content, as more brands look to set themselves apart with new, creative campaigns. Laura has deep experience within each of these verticals and believes there to be massive advertising opportunities for our potential partners there. Our recent campaign with HBO Max saw share rates rise to upwards of 21% on their branded Holler Sticker pack, and we’re pleased to see our major retail partners are expanding their initiatives in messaging via Holler.

Before the curtain closes on 2020, it’s important to recognize the incredible work our team has done despite the anomalous challenges experienced nationwide. Even as things became tough, our team has continued to push Holler forward – hitting milestone after milestone. By bringing Laura onto our executive team, we feel even more energized and ready to bring on new brand partners and continue to fuel our momentum.

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