Anime Nerds Unite with Limited Edition Holler x DevanOnDeck Merch

March 25, 2022

Anime Nerds Unite! We’re thrilled to partner with Devan (@DevanOnDeck) fashion creator and self-confessed Anime nerd to design limited edition merch that motivates people to stick to their goals. This collab is the second Wear Your Emotions drop where we’re partnering with creators to bring them and our digital world to life through custom merch and stickers!

The Drop | Holler x DevanOnDeck

We’re breaking stigmas and looking good at the same time! Devan’s premium athleisure shirt and gaiter combo features Holler character Takeshi, an Anime-inspired kid with next level confidence and a whole lot of swag. Devan’s choice was heavily influenced by his lifelong interest in Anime and his successful fitness journey - which he credits to dressing the part to keep him motivated.

“I have personally lost 40lbs in the last year and dressing the part has definitely helped motivate me to stay consistent with my goals.  So if this resonates with you, and you are on the same vibe, we have a two-piece set for you!”

In addition to merch, we worked with Devan to create Holler stickers! Download the iOS app for the @DevanOnDeck sticker pack.

Shop The Drop

We’re all about helping people to express themselves and rock their confidence - because owning your confidence will never go out of style. Anime nerd? Feeling motivated to reach your fitness goals? Head to our shop to check out the collection!

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