Holler and Ad Council Announce Goldie + Mo: Two New Characters to Help You #SeizeTheAwkward and Talk About Mental

July 18, 2020

Happy World Emoji Day! It’s our favorite holiday – the time of year when we can all reflect on how important nuanced, expressive conversational content is to our digital lives.

Over at Holler, we’re celebrating a little differently this year. We know how tough online conversations have been during this time of social distancing, so we teamed up with the Ad Council as part of the Seize the Awkward campaign to create a new sticker pack that helps friends and family check in with each other about mental health.

Without further ado, meet Goldie & Mo!

Goldie & Mo are major #friendgoals. These two have been best friends for years, sticking together through thick and thin. Like many of us, they have had some trouble starting the conversation around mental health, finding it a bit uncomfortable to broach the topic. But over time, through the strength of their friendship Goldie & Mo have learned to seize the awkward by finding the bravery within themselves to create an open dialogue.

Now, Goldie & Mo are here to lead the way and help you find the words across messaging platforms. Yes, conversations are digital now, but they don’t have to be any less human. If someone’s struggling, a simple check in can make a huge impact in helping them get through it.

We know how important it is for young people to talk about mental health with their family and friends in order to help manage fear and anxiety. So we took our campaign to the next level and teamed up with Gen Z artist and influencer Natalia Seth to help spread the word. Natalia creates important, beautiful work and is releasing Goldie & Mo-inspired art (they’re thrilled). Her designs are being made into shoppable phone cases on caseable.com, so that people can brand themselves as an available listener directly on their device. Proceeds from the cases will go to the JED Foundation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

We are very excited to partner with the Ad Council, caseable, the JED Foundation, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to help make these crucial, sometimes uncomfortable, conversations around mental health easier to navigate. It’s important to stay connected, and with Goldie & Mo, nothing is off the table. Download the Holler app for iMessage or find them in your favorite apps and Android keyboards to start seizing the awkward and sharing stickers of your new favorite friends.

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