Holler Joins Disney’s Accelerator Program to Advance Conversational Media

July 26, 2021

People are messaging more than ever – in texts, group chats, on social and dating apps, in payment notes, and more – digital conversations are on the rise. Over 88% of people reported messaging more than or the same as they did before the pandemic, with no signs of slowing down now.

To fuel these conversations, people have been turning to Conversational Media as a way to personalize their messages and better express themselves. Whether it’s sharing stickers and GIFs or music links and TikToks or even the latest news stories, content sharing is at an all-time high. Oftentimes, consumers have to scour the internet, peruse libraries or switch between apps to share this content. Despite these hurdles, 50% of Millennials report sharing content in messaging “all the time.”

To meet this demand and offer a better way to find and share the content needed to enrich our conversations, Holler has been working diligently to deliver new content, platform integrations, brand partnerships and tech updates. It's been both a rewarding and busy year.

Today, we are excited to announce that Holler is taking the next step in our journey to advance Conversational Media by joining the Disney Accelerator program!

Like Disney, we at Holler believe that with every major creative masterpiece, there is technological innovation paving the way behind the scenes. The Disney Accelerator allows companies to draw on its wide range of creative expertise and resources to develop new entertainment experiences and products.

We’re thrilled by this opportunity to work with such a legendary company that is known for its creative innovation and beloved across the world.

“Conversational Media has the potential to take new shapes and touch even more platforms, and this engagement is a catalyst for that growth. We will be able to advance our content offerings and placements to improve exponentially more digital conversations. Every facet of Holler is poised to grow with Disney and we can’t wait to get started.”
– Travis Montaque, Holler’s CEO + founder.

Conversational Media is a unique and emerging channel that leverages creativity and advanced technology to enhance peer-to-peer digital conversations with premium content. Our goal is to enrich conversations everywhere. It’s an important mission that comes down to providing consumers with useful content that elevates their conversations and enables them to better connect digitally.

Plus, Conversational Media is a crucial new channel for advertisers. Through original, curated content, brands can leverage Conversational Media to reach people where they are - in messaging. Advanced contextual AI enables brands to boost awareness and engagement by participating in the right peer-to-peer chats. Brands have the power to choose which conversations they will be a part of and how they want to represent their brand while offering consumers branded content that helps their conversation.

The sky’s the limit on Conversational Media, and we are looking forward to the new heights we’ll reach through joining the Disney Accelerator program.

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