Holler and The Meet Group Partner to Bring Holler’s Suggestions Engine to Virtual Conversations

March 1, 2021

Getting to know a new person online can be intimidating, especially before you’ve built up a steady rapport. Not only are people tasked with deciphering the tone and intent behind static messages, they also have to find a way to make up for all those small nuances of communication they’re missing – no body language indicators, no knowing glances, no small gestures that can convey real personality. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that Holler is taking a big step in adding fun and emotionally intelligent expression to these conversations by partnering with The Meet Group and launching our first roll out on MeetMe. Together, we will improve these conversations by bringing expressive and engaging stickers and GIFs into DMs everywhere.

The Meet Group is sparking conversations and matches everywhere by housing 2.1 billion chats each month. MeetMe is The Meet Group’s leading app for meeting new people in the US and is one of the top 5 most downloaded dating apps in the US and in the world. It’s a dating, socializing and live streaming app all in one. Members across the globe have access to a variety of unique social features like Chat, Meet, and most importantly, Live Video. MeetMe’s dynamic experience provides a riveting foray into forming connections online.  

Holler’s original conversational content makes it a perfect fit for MeetMe’s social nature. By leveraging Holler Kit 5, Holler’s latest product release, MeetMe members will have access to Holler’s extensive library of stickers, as well as GIFs from top GIF providers served up by Holler’s proprietary Suggestions Engine. Holler Kit 5 uses on-device AI to contextually recommend both Stickers and GIFs as people type, allowing conversations to flow freely while seamlessly offering additive content. 

“Holler Kit 5 is a powerful tool to bring self-expression and excitement to some of the most intimidating and important conversations people have on a daily basis,” said Travis Montaque, CEO & Founder, Holler. “So often it’s hard to find the right thing to say when you connect with a new person, especially when your first interactions are digital. The ability to express yourself easily with suggested Stickers and GIFs will enable more engaging conversations to unfold, and better show off your own personality.” 

Stickers and GIFs can often show what words alone can’t, bringing sentiments like excitement, sarcasm and even flirting to a new level. Holler understands the nuance needed to make connections online, and is curating content specifically designed to move conversations forward and encourage relationship building. Members can say goodbye to the days of guessing the hidden meaning behind a period or exclamation mark – or giving off the wrong impression. GIFs and Stickers are relatable, expressive content that empower lively, emotionally intelligent conversations.

"When it comes to connecting people, we feel it is important for MeetMe to offer our members as many tools as possible to communicate and express themselves in whatever way they feel most comfortable,” Nick Hermansader, Senior Vice President of Advertising, The Meet Group. “In today's digital world, much of that communication and expression is done through emojis, GIFs, and stickers. We chose the Holler platform because it made it easy to access a breadth of content solutions that can add more nuance and expression into the exciting experience of meeting new people." 

Check out MeetMe’s Android and iPhone apps to meet new people and experience the excitement for yourself. The apps are currently available in more than a dozen languages. You can also download the free Holler Stickers app for iOS in the App Store. Additionally, Holler can be found in top Android keyboards and apps, like Venmo.

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