Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Limited Edition Holler Merch!

October 25, 2021

At Holler, we’re all about sharing our emotions online, and now we’re excited to bring our digital world to life IRL through the Wear Your Emotions merch campaign. A collaboration between Holler and top lifestyle creators at the intersection of fashion and technology, Wear Your Emotions exclusive merch drops allow Holler fans to tap into their favorite Holler personas to express themselves beyond their keyboards, from texts to tees!

About the Campaign

Through Wear Your Emotions, Holler is translating some of our most beloved Stickers, GIFs, and original characters into highly expressive, fun, streetwear collections -- because like our buddy Romeon here, we believe showing your true emotions is cool, and will never go out of style.

The one-of-a-kind wearables – from oversized tees to bandanas – will be available for a limited time, and once it’s sold out, it’s gone forever. So to stay updated on what’s new, follow this link.

The First Drop | Holler x Paige Arminta Watts

For our very first merch drop, we’re thrilled to partner with Paige Arminta Watts, a digital creator and founder of loungewear brand Arminta, for wearables focused on the importance of vulnerability and connection.

Her tee and tote combo feature her favorite Holler character, Beep, an expressive little heart whose color changes with their emotions.

Paige’s designs include the words “Thanks For Telling Me That” - reminding us to share our thoughts and feelings with our loved ones, and be supportive of them as well!

"Vulnerability is hard. I struggle with it. Acknowledging that you may need a shoulder to lean on is hard. Letting your walls down and allowing people in is even harder! I am not always the best at this, but I KNOW that when I attend a therapy session or have that hour-long phone call with my BFF, I feel uplifted! Everyday I am learning to be brave and push myself bit by bit to be more open and less guarded.

We aren't meant to go through life pretending we are perfect, or always happy. We aren't meant to go through life alone. We were given people and relationships to make our hard times into something beautiful. When someone I love gives me the opportunity to listen and be there for them, I feel grateful! How amazing is it that someone trusts YOU with something that is so personal and maybe even feels debilitating to them?

So this is your reminder that everyone is struggling sometimes. Everyone needs help. Everyone needs love. So the next time someone opens up to you, make sure you say "thanks for telling me that!" because we all know how much courage it takes to be vulnerable. xo, paige"

We love these words and hope that this first Wear Your Emotions campaign reminds us of the power of connection. Check out the Holler x Paige Arminta collection here, where you can find your limited edition tee or tote to wear - and share - your emotions.

Download the Holler app via the Apple store here or Play Store here to start enhancing your conversations!

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